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 I always wonder why people never google such things if they are so interested, but instantly  start ranting and spreading half truths.

A quick search found:
Wikipedia states that it is unclear whether  the 10 month year even was a thing at all. All sources stating this fact were written much later and some credit the mythical founder Romulus for this calendar form. It is known, however, that July and August were formerly called Quintilis and Sextilis before they were named after Julius Caesar and Augustus respectively. The names of September and October were also to be changed but it was never established. Before 153BC the year started at March 1st to match up with the start of spring. So the month names that are derived from numbers mach up. However, in 153 BC they moved the beginning of the administrative year to January 1st, so consules had to take office earlier (This was supposedly because some uprisings in Rome's hispanic provinces). This is way before Julius Caesar and Augustus were even born (100 BC and 63 BC respectively). 

If you trust Wikipedia on this, we start the year on January 1st because of some uprisings in Spain during Roman rule. 


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